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Strap Camouflage Fishing Vest Adjustable for Fishing And Outdoor Activities MDSFV-5

Camouflage Fishing Vest Multi-Pocket Outdoor Fishing Vest Jacket
  • MDSFV-5

  • Mydays Outdoor

  • New Patent Camouflage

  • Oxford

  • 1.1lb

  • 4 Season

  • Fishing

  • PP Bag


Product Description

New Patent Camouflage Fishing Vest for Outdoors Stream Fishing MDSFV-5 

Camouflage Fishing Vest (7)

Details of Camouflage Fishing Vest

Camouflage Fishing Vest (3)Camouflage Fishing Vest (5)Camouflage Fishing Vest (2)Camouflage Fishing Vest (4)Camouflage Fishing Vest (6)

Features of Camouflage Fishing Vest

  • Camouflage Pattern: The defining feature of a camouflage fishing vest is its camouflage pattern, which helps anglers blend into their surroundings and remain less visible to fish.

  • Multiple Pockets: A key aspect of a fishing vest is its numerous pockets of varying sizes. These pockets allow anglers to carry fishing gear, accessories, tackle, and personal items conveniently. Pockets may include zippered, Velcro, or snap closures.

  • Tackle Organization: Many fishing vests include specialized pockets or compartments for organizing fishing tackle such as hooks, lures, lines, and leaders. These features help keep fishing gear organized and easily accessible.

  • Durable Material: Fishing vests are typically made from durable materials that can withstand outdoor conditions and potential exposure to water. Nylon and polyester are common materials used for their durability and water-resistant properties.

  • Comfortable Fit: A fishing vest should offer a comfortable fit that allows for freedom of movement while casting, reeling, and maneuvering around fishing spots.

  • Adjustable Straps: Fishing vests often include adjustable straps or buckles to customize the fit according to your body size and layering needs.

  • Ventilation: Many fishing vests have ventilation features like mesh panels or openings to help regulate body temperature and prevent overheating during warm fishing days.

  • D-Rings and Gear Loops: D-rings and gear loops on a fishing vest provide attachment points for tools, clippers, and other accessories such as nets and pliers.

  • Rod Holders: Some fishing vests offer built-in rod holders or loops that allow anglers to secure their fishing rods hands-free when changing lures or tying knots.

  • Back Pockets: In addition to front pockets, some fishing vests have spacious back pockets that can hold larger items or extra gear.

  • Inner Pockets: Inner pockets may be designed to hold valuables like a wallet, phone, or keys securely.

  • Safety Features: Reflective elements or high-visibility accents on a fishing vest enhance safety, especially if you're fishing near waterways with boat traffic.

  • Personalization: Some fishing vests come with customizable features like patches, straps, or hooks where you can attach personal items or accessories.

Service of Camouflage Fishing Vest

Manufactures and wholesalers

We are manufacturing factory which has 15 years experience in making bags, we have our own design team to design multi product models for your choice, For popular items we make stocks which are ready to ship anytime and any quantity, We also release new products frequently.


Professional OEM/ODM Service/low MOQ

We welcome both OEM and ODM orders. We could put your logo on our hot-sale model or help you to manufacture the product according to your design. Our MOQ is 200 pcs.


Excellent Customer Service

If you have any question about the products, delivery, or shipment, we have good customer service that ensures your concerns will be responded in time. Also we have rich experience in exporting, We can communicate through the live chat, email or contact form on the website. Our customer service will try best to offer you our honest and professional help and solution.


Fast Delivery and Strict Quality Control

If you order our stock product, we will ship the products out within 2-3 working days.

If you place your customized order, we will confirm the sample with you before bulk production and update you the production situation during the whole production process. We will also send you the images of our finished products and packaging.

We have our quality control team who will do strict quality inspection for every order. We fully think quality is the most important for long-term cooperation and quality is our culture.


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Packing Information

Packing Information
 Packing Size 12.6*10.2*1.8inch
Packing PP Bag
CTN Size /
Weight 1.1lb



          Camouflage Fishing Vest (1)        carton


Shipping and Payment

Shipping & Payment

MOQ 200pcs
Sample Leading Time 5-7days
Bulk Leading Time 40 days after deposit payment
Payment Terms T/T 30% deposit and balance before shipping
Port Shanghai Port
Shipping Method By sea/air/express

Mydays sells map

  • For large quantity, we suggest shipping by sea.

  • For small quantity, air express is our preferred shipping method.

  • We support shipment by "HK post" "China post" "EMS" "DHL" "UPS" "FEDEX" "TNT" .

  • If you need help selecting a fast and reliable shipping company, please contact us direct and we will do our best to help.


FAQ of Camouflage Fishing Vest

Q1: What is a Camouflage Fishing Vest? 

A camouflage fishing vest is a specialized garment designed for anglers that combines the functionality of a fishing vest with camouflage patterns for outdoor concealment.

Important information:

  1. Camouflage patterns: The vest features camouflage designs to blend in with natural surroundings, making it suitable for hunting and fishing.

  2. Multiple pockets: It typically comes with numerous pockets and compartments for storing fishing gear and accessories.

  3. Fishing-focused design: The vest's design is tailored to the needs of anglers, providing convenience and practicality while fishing.

Q2: How does a Camouflage Fishing Vest work? 

A camouflage fishing vest serves as both clothing and storage for fishing gear, ensuring easy access to tools while remaining concealed in the environment.

Important information:

  1. Storage capacity: The vest's many pockets and compartments allow anglers to carry a variety of fishing essentials.

  2. Hands-free convenience: By distributing weight across the body, the vest leaves anglers' hands free for casting and other fishing tasks.

  3. Blend with environment: The camouflage pattern helps the angler blend into their surroundings, minimizing the chance of scaring away fish.

Q3: What are the benefits of using a Camouflage Fishing Vest? 

Using a camouflage fishing vest offers several advantages for anglers who require efficient gear organization and stealth.

Important information:

  1. Gear organization: The vest's numerous pockets help keep fishing gear organized and easily accessible.

  2. Mobility: Anglers can move more freely without carrying a separate tackle box, enhancing fishing efficiency.

  3. Camouflage advantage: The camouflage pattern improves concealment, making it easier to approach fish without alarming them.

Q4: Can a Camouflage Fishing Vest be used for activities other than fishing? 

Yes, a camouflage fishing vest can be used for various outdoor activities, including hunting, hiking, and wildlife photography.

Important information:

  1. Versatility: The vest's camouflage pattern makes it suitable for activities requiring concealment in natural environments.

  2. Multi-pocket design: The multiple pockets and compartments can be useful for carrying equipment in various outdoor pursuits.

  3. Personalization: Some anglers modify their fishing vests for specific activities by adding or removing pockets as needed.

Q5: How do I choose the right size of Camouflage Fishing Vest? 

Choosing the right size involves considering factors such as body measurements and the layers of clothing you intend to wear underneath.

Important information:

  1. Check sizing charts: Most manufacturers provide sizing charts with measurements to help you choose the correct size.

  2. Layering consideration: If you plan to wear thicker clothing underneath, opt for a slightly larger size for comfort.

  3. Adjustable features: Some vests have adjustable straps or side panels to fine-tune the fit according to your body shape.

Q6: What should I carry in a Camouflage Fishing Vest? 

A camouflage fishing vest's many pockets allow you to carry various fishing essentials conveniently. Common items include fishing tackle, tools, and accessories.

Important information:

  1. Tackle: Carry a selection of hooks, lures, and baits in the vest's pockets.

  2. Tools: Include tools such as pliers, line cutters, and forceps for hook removal.

  3. Accessories: Store items like extra fishing line, leaders, and small containers for bait in the vest's compartments.

Q7: Is a Camouflage Fishing Vest suitable for all weather conditions? 

While a camouflage fishing vest can be used in various weather conditions, it's essential to consider factors such as insulation and waterproofing.

Important information:

  1. Layering: During colder weather, you can wear additional layers underneath the vest for insulation.

  2. Water resistance: Some vests come with water-resistant features to protect your gear during rainy or wet conditions.

  3. Rain gear compatibility: If fishing in rainy conditions, consider whether the vest can be worn comfortably over rain gear.

Q8: Can women wear Camouflage Fishing Vests? 

Yes, women can wear camouflage fishing vests. Some manufacturers offer vests with designs and sizes catering to women's preferences.

Important information:

  1. Size options: Look for vests available in sizes that accommodate women's body shapes.

  2. Adjustable fit: Some vests have adjustable features that allow for a comfortable fit for various body types.

  3. Style choices: Choose a vest with a design and color palette that suits your preferences.

Q9: How do I clean and maintain a Camouflage Fishing Vest? 

Proper cleaning and maintenance are essential to prolong the life of your camouflage fishing vest.

Important information:

  1. Read care instructions: Follow the manufacturer's care guidelines for washing and cleaning the vest.

  2. Spot cleaning: In most cases, spot cleaning with a damp cloth is suitable for removing dirt and stains.

  3. Storage: Store the vest in a dry and well-ventilated area when not in use to prevent mold or mildew growth.

Q10: Can a Camouflage Fishing Vest be worn over other clothing? 

Yes, a camouflage fishing vest is designed to be worn over your regular clothing, providing convenience and easy access to fishing gear.

Important information:

  1. Layering options: Wear the vest over your existing clothing, adjusting the layers based on weather conditions.

  2. Comfortable fit: Ensure that the vest's size accommodates the layers you plan to wear underneath.

  3. Ease of movement: The vest's design allows for freedom of movement while fishing or engaging in outdoor activities.


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