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Rifle Bag/ Gun Case Bags

Wholesale Rifle Bag - Custom Rifle Bag Gun Case Bags in Bulk

Gun Case Bag - Shop our collection of Mydays Outdoor products at wholesale price

Rifle Soft Bag offers best quality material which enhances the protection and durability as it is stuffed with foam padding which is useful for abrasion resistance.

The rifle bag of fabric waterproof material, the inner velvet compartment prevents scratches, making it unnecessary to move and damage during transportation.

Rifle Bag Gun Case Bags Ideal for Your Every Hunting Need

MYDAYS rifle bag and gun case bag offer spacious and logically designed storage in all shapes and sizes for your hunting, camping, hiking, and other outdoor adventures . We added pockets, tool attachments and reinforced fabrics in every key place so that can help you lug around all your gear – sometimes for miles – over difficult terrain and in rough environments.

Benefits of Custom Rifle Bag Gun Case Bags

Whether you need an rifle bag and gun case bags to hunting outdoor, our rifle bag and gun case bags will be ready with extra cargo space, durability, and lightweight material.

The appealing designs will bring more visibility to your iconic logo and tune more people to your brand. Check out the complete range of custom rifle bag and gun case bags here.

Customizing Mydays Outdoor rifle bag and gun case bags is a breeze. Use an in-built design bottom to upload and preview your logo or artwork. We’ll handle the rest.

Diverse Customized Options

With the latest technology being used to make customization easy and simple for your brand rifle bag and gun case bags, we offer multiple customization options that can grant your brand greater visibility and awareness.

The Options Available of Your Brand Logo are:

• Silkscreen Printing

• Heat stamped Logo

• Full-Color Digital Transfer

• Embroidery

• Sublimated Printing

• Rubber Label

• Woven Label

• Washing Label

• Patch Label

You can take your brand places with wearable and practical products like rifle bag and gun case bags.

Wide Choice of Materials and Designs

You can choose to represent your unique brand with equally unique rifle bag and gun case bags. Choose to cater to your industry needs better or target a specific demographic

- Rifle Bag Gun Case Bags Material includes:

• Oxford

• Nylon

• Canvas

• Cotton

• Leather

• Corduroy


• Tarpaulin

• Polyester-cotton blend

• Denier

• Velvet

Organize your next promotional event and maximize your brand presence with our rifle bag and gun case bags. At Mydays Outdoor, we ensure all your customization and design needs are met with the highest quality products and processes.

Can I Buy Wholesale or Custom In Bulk?

Our goal at MYDAYS is to make wholesale easy and stress-free. Whether you are preparing for a conference or need a gift for the office, we are ready to deliver. We specialize in wholesale orders and have plenty of experience delivering to clients in time for their big events. You can rely on us to provide wholesale rifle bag and gun case bags on your terms. Once you decide between the endless options of styles, sizes and materials, we will be ready to deliver, making the process smooth and simple for you.

Order 200 units to unlock specialty bulk pricing. Our low pricing and specialized bulk rates allow you to access quality products for an entire office at an affordable price. We strive to make the process as simple as possible.

We can customize any of our rifle bag and gun case bags with your name or logo. Whether you want to showcase your brand or provide a personalized gift to someone special, we offer options for you. We also provide low MOQ service for your first order to check quality.

What Should I Look for When Deciding on My Custom Rifle Bag Gun Case Bags?

Consider the durability, versatility, design and size of the rifle bag and gun case bags when you are determining the ideal sling bag to customize. Keep in mind that you will be customizing it for your brand, and it should be aligned to your brand image as well.

Shipping Details of Rifle Bag Gun Case Bags

- For large quantity, we suggest shipping by sea.

- For small quantity, air express is our preferred shipping method.

- We support shipment by "HK post" "China post" "EMS" "DHL" "UPS" "FEDEX" "TNT" .

- If you need help selecting a fast and reliable shipping company, please contact us direct and we will do our best to help.

FAQ of Rifle Bag Gun Case Bags

Q1: What is a rifle bag gun case bag? 

A rifle bag gun case bag is a specially designed bag or case used for storing, transporting, and protecting rifles or other long firearms.

Important information:

  1. Protection: These bags provide padding and compartments to safeguard firearms from damage.

  2. Portability: Designed with handles or straps for easy carrying.

  3. Storage: Offers separate compartments or pockets for accessories like magazines or scopes.

Q2: What are the benefits of using a rifle bag gun case bag? 

Using a rifle bag gun case bag offers several advantages, including enhanced firearm protection, convenient storage, and ease of transportation.

Important information:

  1. Firearm protection: The bag's padding and sturdy construction protect rifles from impacts and scratches.

  2. Organization: Separate compartments and pockets allow for organized storage of accessories.

  3. Portability: The bag's handles or straps make it easy to carry the firearm and accessories.

Q3: What materials are rifle bag gun case bags made of? 

Rifle bag gun case bags can be made from various materials, including durable fabrics like nylon or polyester, and may have additional padding or reinforcement.

Important information:

  1. Nylon or polyester: These materials provide durability and resistance to tearing and abrasion.

  2. Padding: Some bags feature foam or cushioning to offer extra protection for firearms.

  3. Reinforcement: Certain areas of the bag may have reinforced stitching or panels for added strength.

Q4: Are rifle bag gun case bags TSA-approved for air travel? 

While rifle bag gun case bags are suitable for transporting firearms, it's important to check with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) for specific guidelines and regulations regarding air travel with firearms.

Important information:

  1. TSA regulations: The TSA has specific rules and procedures for transporting firearms on airplanes.

  2. Declare your firearm: When traveling with firearms, you must declare them at the airline check-in counter.

  3. Follow TSA guidelines: Familiarize yourself with the TSA guidelines to ensure compliance and a smooth travel experience.

Q5: Can rifle bag gun case bags accommodate different rifle sizes?

 Yes, rifle bag gun case bags are available in various sizes to accommodate different rifle lengths and configurations. It's essential to choose a bag that matches the size of your firearm.

Important information:

  1. Size options: Rifle bags come in different lengths and widths to fit various rifle sizes.

  2. Adjustable compartments: Some bags have adjustable interior compartments or straps to secure rifles of different lengths.

  3. Check product specifications: Ensure the bag's dimensions are suitable for your specific firearm.

Q6: Can rifle bag gun case bags be locked? 

Many rifle bag gun case bags come with lockable zippers or have provisions for adding padlocks to enhance firearm security during transportation and storage.

Important information:

  1. Lockable zippers: Bags with lockable zippers allow you to secure the bag with a padlock.

  2. Added security: Locking the bag prevents unauthorized access to the firearm.

  3. Check bag features: Look for bags with lockable compartments or dedicated locking mechanisms.

Q7: Are rifle bag gun case bags water-resistant? 

Rifle bag gun case bags may have varying degrees of water resistance. It's important to check the product description or specifications for information on the bag's water-resistant properties.

Important information:

  1. Water resistance levels: Some bags offer water-resistant materials or coatings to protect firearms from light rain or moisture.

  2. Limited protection: While water-resistant, bags may not be fully waterproof and should not be submerged in water.

  3. Verify product details: Check the bag's specifications or contact the manufacturer for specific water resistance information.

Q8: Can rifle bag gun case bags be customized or personalized? 

Some rifle bag gun case bags offer customization options such as adding patches, embroidered names, or specific color choices. However, customization features may vary among different bag models and brands.

Important information:

  1. Personalization options: Certain bags allow for adding patches, embroidery, or other personalized elements.

  2. Brand-specific features: Customization features may differ between manufacturers and bag models.

  3. Check product descriptions: Review product details or contact the manufacturer to inquire about customization options.

Q9: Where can I purchase rifle bag gun case bags? 

Rifle bag gun case bags are available for purchase at various sporting goods stores, online retailers, and specialized firearm accessory shops.

Important information:

  1. Sporting goods stores: Visit local stores that specialize in firearms or outdoor equipment.

  2. Online retailers: Explore websites like Amazon, eBay, or dedicated firearm accessory websites.

  3. Specialty shops: Look for shops that specifically cater to firearm enthusiasts or shooting sports.

Q10: Are rifle bag gun case bags airline-approved for checked baggage?

 Rifle bag gun case bags can be used for checked baggage when traveling by air, but specific airline regulations must be followed. It's important to check with the airline to ensure compliance with their policies.

Important information:

  1. Airline regulations: Each airline has its own rules and guidelines for checking firearms as baggage.

  2. Declaration and packaging requirements: Firearms must be declared and packed according to the airline's regulations.

  3. Contact the airline: Prior to travel, contact the airline directly to understand their requirements and procedures for checking firearms.

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