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Mydays Outdoor R&D: monitoring changes from a medium to long-term perspective

We have an effective system in place that ensures the prompt development of outdoor bags and we also have our R&D Division. The primary objective of our R&D lies in promoting crossover research between the global trends in the outdoor bags industry and the go-to market strategy provided for our clients.

This has allowed us to amalgamate manufacturing technologies and ideas with our own, and to work together with them as one team on producing popular, on-trend outdoor bags. In addition, by taking in various insights and spreading new achievements laterally, our R&D activities have become more efficient and effective.

Our Competences

In-depth industry & market report

Mydays Outdoor has more than 16 years of experience in the industry and can provide a high level of competence in dealing with our customers’ challenges. We have ample knowledge and skills to successfully conduct a promotion study in the client's target market, provide suggestions on bottle procurement, or do any other task required by our clients.

Complete technology support

Our engineers specialize in understanding market challenges and demands and are focused on producing best-in-class outdoor bags for our customers. A great combination of functionality, color, and material is what makes our advanced solutions for clients' brands. This includes intelligence protection, which is an important part of strengthening our competence.

Mydays Outdoor is the professional outdoor bags manufacturer and wholesaler in China, has the 15+ years' experience in manufacturing and exporting...



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