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Heating Seat Pads Cushion Memory Foam 5 Gallon Bucket MDSCS-29

5 Gallon Bucket Seat, 360-Degree Swivel Seat Foam Heating Seat Pads Cushion Bucket Seat Lid with Waterproof Cover for Dove Duck Hunting, Fishing, Baseball, Gardening and Camping
  • MDSCS-29

  • Mydays Outdoor

  • Winter

  • Camping, Outdoor, Sport

  • PP Bag


Product Description

Waterproof 360-Degree Heating Seat Pads Cushion Bucket


bucket cushion (3)

Details of Heating Seat Pads Cushion

hunting bucket seat (1)hunting bucket seat (5)hunting bucket seat (4)hunting bucket seat (2)

Features of Heating Seat Pads Cushion

  • Adjustable Heat Settings: Heating seat pads cushions typically offer adjustable heat settings to allow users to customize the level of warmth according to their preferences. They may have multiple heat levels, such as low, medium, and high, providing versatility and control over the temperature.

  • Heating Elements: These cushions incorporate heating elements that distribute heat evenly across the seating surface. The heating elements are usually made of conductive materials that efficiently generate and radiate heat.

  • Rapid Heating: Heating seat pads cushions are designed to heat up quickly, allowing users to feel the warmth almost instantly upon activation. Rapid heating ensures immediate comfort and relief during cold conditions.

  • Auto Shut-off: To ensure safety and energy efficiency, many heating seat pads cushions are equipped with an auto shut-off feature. This feature automatically turns off the heating function after a specific period of time, typically ranging from 30 minutes to 2 hours. It prevents overheating and conserves energy in case the user forgets to turn off the cushion.

  • Soft and Comfortable Material: The outer covering of heating seat pads cushions is often made of soft and plush materials, such as polyester or microfiber fabric. These materials provide a cozy and comfortable seating surface, enhancing the overall experience.

  • Cushioning and Support: Heating seat pads cushions offer cushioning and support similar to regular seat cushions. They may incorporate foam or padding materials to provide a comfortable and supportive seating surface, reducing pressure points and improving posture.

  • Size and Universal Fit: These cushions are typically designed to have a universal fit and are available in various sizes to accommodate different seating surfaces. They can be used on chairs, car seats, office chairs, or even wheelchairs.

  • Portable and Lightweight: Heating seat pads cushions are often lightweight and portable, allowing users to easily move them between different seating areas or take them on the go. Their compact size and lightweight design make them convenient for travel and everyday use.

  • Easy-to-Use Controls: The controls for adjusting the heat settings are typically user-friendly and easy to operate. They may include buttons, switches, or a remote control, providing convenient access to adjust the temperature.

  • Power Source Options: Heating seat pads cushions can be powered by various sources, including electrical outlets, car adapters, or rechargeable batteries. Some cushions even offer the versatility of both wired and wireless power options, providing flexibility for different usage scenarios.

Service of Heating Seat Pads Cushion

Manufactures and wholesalers

We are manufacturing factory which has 15 years experience in making outdoor products, we have our own design team to design multi product models for your choice, For popular items we make stocks which are ready to ship anytime and any quantity, We also release new products frequently.


Professional OEM/ODM Service/low MOQ

We welcome both OEM and ODM orders of Heated Stadium Cushion . We could put your logo on our hot-sale model or help you to manufacture the product according to your design. Our MOQ is 200 pcs.


Excellent Customer Service

If you have any question about the Heated Stadium Cushion , delivery, or shipment, we have good customer service that ensures your concerns will be responded in time. Also we have rich experience in exporting, We can communicate through the live chat, email or contact form on the website. Our customer service will try best to offer you our honest and professional help and solution.


Fast Delivery and Strict Quality Control

If you order our stock Heated Stadium Cushion , we will ship the products out within 2-3 working days.

If you place your customized order, we will confirm the sample with you before bulk production and update you the production situation during the whole production process. We will also send you the images of our finished products and packaging.

We have our quality control team who will do strict quality inspection for every order. We fully think quality is the most important for long-term cooperation and quality is our culture.


Contact us, you will get a sincere and professional partner!

Packing Information

Packing Information
Packing Size


Weight 1.2lb


hunting bucket seat (6)          carton                  


Shipping and Payment

Shipping & Payment

MOQ 200pcs
Sample Leading Time 5-7days
Bulk Leading Time 40 days after deposit payment
Payment Terms T/T 30% deposit and balance before shipping
Port Shanghai Port
Shipping Method By sea/air/express

Mydays sells map

  • For large quantity, we suggest shipping by sea.

  • For small quantity, air express is our preferred shipping method.

  • We support shipment by "HK post" "China post" "EMS" "DHL" "UPS" "FEDEX" "TNT" .

  • If you need help selecting a fast and reliable shipping company, please contact us direct and we will do our best to help.


FAQ of Heating Seat Pads Cushion

Q1: What is a heating seat pads cushion? 

A heating seat pad cushion is a cushioned pad that provides warmth and comfort when sitting. It is equipped with heating elements that generate heat, allowing users to experience soothing warmth during colder temperatures or to alleviate muscle tension and discomfort.

Important information:

  1. Heat generation: The cushion contains heating elements that produce warmth when activated.

  2. Adjustable temperature settings: Most heating seat pad cushions offer multiple temperature settings, allowing users to customize the level of heat according to their preference.

  3. Power source: These cushions are typically powered by electricity, either through a power cord or rechargeable batteries.

Q2: How does a heating seat pads cushion work? 

A heating seat pad cushion works by using heating elements to generate warmth. When activated, the heating elements distribute heat throughout the cushion, providing a cozy and comfortable experience.

Important information:

  1. Heating technology: The cushion utilizes either electric heating wires or carbon fiber heating elements to generate heat.

  2. Even heat distribution: The heating elements are strategically placed within the cushion to ensure even heat distribution across the seating area.

  3. Safety features: Most heating seat pad cushions come with built-in safety features such as automatic shut-off timers or overheating protection to prevent accidents or discomfort.

Q3: What are the benefits of using a heating seat pads cushion? 

Using a heating seat pad cushion offers several benefits for individuals seeking warmth and comfort during colder conditions or those who experience muscle tension or discomfort.

Important information:

  1. Warmth and comfort: The cushion provides a cozy and warm seating experience, especially in chilly environments.

  2. Relaxation and pain relief: The heat generated by the cushion can help relax muscles, relieve tension, and alleviate discomfort or pain.

  3. Versatile use: Heating seat pad cushions can be used in various settings, such as home, office, or car, to enhance comfort and promote relaxation.

Q4: Can a heating seat pads cushion be used in a car? 

Yes, a heating seat pad cushion can be used in a car to provide warmth and comfort during cold weather or long drives.

Important information:

  1. 12-volt car adapter: Many heating seat pad cushions come with a 12-volt car adapter that can be plugged into the car's power outlet.

  2. Universal fit: These cushions are designed to fit most car seats, providing a convenient and portable heating solution.

  3. Safety precautions: It is important to follow the manufacturer's instructions and not leave the heating seat pad cushion unattended while the car is in motion.

Q5: Is a heating seat pads cushion safe to use? 

Yes, heating seat pad cushions are generally safe to use when used according to the manufacturer's instructions.

Important information:

  1. Safety certifications: Look for cushions that have safety certifications, such as UL or ETL, which indicate that they meet specific safety standards.

  2. Automatic shut-off: Many cushions are equipped with an automatic shut-off feature that turns off the heating elements after a certain period of time to prevent overheating.

  3. Proper usage: Use the cushion as intended and avoid placing it on top of other heating devices or flammable materials.

Q6: Can a heating seat pads cushion be used on different types of chairs? 

Yes, a heating seat pad cushion can be used on various types of chairs, providing warmth and comfort wherever you sit.

Important information:

  1. Office chairs: Place the cushion on an office chair to enjoy a cozy and warm seating experience during work hours.

  2. Recliners or armchairs: Use the cushion on your favorite recliner or armchair for added warmth and relaxation.

  3. Dining chairs: Enjoy a comfortable meal by placing the cushion on a dining chair during colder seasons.

Q7: Can a heating seat pads cushion be used outdoors? 

While some heating seat pad cushions are designed for indoor use only, there are models specifically made for outdoor use.

Important information:

  1. Weather-resistant materials: Outdoor heating seat pad cushions are typically made with weather-resistant materials that can withstand exposure to moisture and outdoor conditions.

  2. Portable and lightweight: Outdoor models are often designed to be portable and lightweight, making them suitable for outdoor activities such as camping or sporting events.

  3. Check product specifications: Ensure that the cushion is specifically labeled for outdoor use before using it in outdoor settings.

Q8: How do I clean a heating seat pads cushion? 

Cleaning methods may vary depending on the specific cushion model, so it's important to refer to the manufacturer's instructions for cleaning and maintenance guidelines.

Important information:

  1. Removable covers: Some cushions come with removable and washable covers that can be easily cleaned in a washing machine.

  2. Spot cleaning: For cushions without removable covers, spot cleaning with a damp cloth and mild detergent is usually recommended.

  3. Avoid submerging in water: To prevent damage to the heating elements, avoid submerging the cushion in water or exposing it to excessive moisture.

Q9: Can I adjust the temperature on a heating seat pads cushion? 

Yes, most heating seat pad cushions offer adjustable temperature settings, allowing users to control the level of heat according to their preference.

Important information:

  1. Temperature control options: Cushions may feature a control panel or a remote control that allows users to increase or decrease the temperature.

  2. Multiple heat settings: Depending on the model, cushions may offer a range of temperature options, such as low, medium, and high heat.

  3. Preheat function: Some cushions have a preheat function that quickly warms up the cushion before use, providing instant warmth.

Q10: Where can I purchase a heating seat pad cushion? 

Heating seat pad cushions can be purchased from various retailers, both online and offline.

Important information:

  1. Online marketplaces: Platforms like Amazon, eBay, or the websites of heating equipment retailers offer a wide selection of heating seat pad cushions.

  2. Home goods stores: Visit local home goods stores or department stores that carry heating and comfort accessories.

  3. Manufacturer websites: Check the websites of cushion manufacturers to explore their product offerings and make direct purchases if available.


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