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Senator Laughlin Continues Push to Legalize Hunting on Sundays

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Senator Laughlin Continues Push to Legalize Hunting on Sundays

Rifle deer season is underway, and starting on Saturday morning, hunters will also be able to bag a doe.

And if Senator Dan Laughlin has anything to do with it, hunters will be able to hunt on Sundays, in Pennsylvania.

Currently, only Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and Maine have a total ban on Sunday hunting, mainly due to  religious reasons.

Laughlin says the numbers of hunters in Pennsylvania are down significantly, “Times have changed and it's time to adapt, our hunter numbers are way down, and one of the main reasons cited for that is lack of time to actually go out and hunt.”

Senator Laughlin’s original bill to legalize Sunday hunting died, because the Farm Bureau lobbied against it.

Laughlin says he will re-introduce Senate Bill 1202 next year, with some different language, that will hopefully please the Farm Bureau, “There's really no other group opposing it other than the Pennsylvania Farm Bureau still has an issue with it, and I'm working with them to try and at least get them to neutral on the subject,” said Laughlin.

So Laughlin is continuing his push to legalize hunting on Sunday’s which he says he's received a lot of support for, “This is a topic I obviously feel pretty strong about and it's almost a no-brainer, I don't for the life of me understand why there's been so much push back in the legislature on changing this, but it needs to be done, and I intend to be the guy that does it,” said Laughlin.

Laughlin is hopeful, Sunday hunting will be legal within two years.


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